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The Awesomeness of Fostering...

Have you ever wondered what therapeutic parenting is?
If you parent a child with challenging behaviours, have you been tempted to ground them from Christmas, or other big events? You're not alone. Christine holds your hand and offers a new view.
Watch this clip to find out how she parents.
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Why 'positive partnerships – fostering resilience?' It is essential that we support the development of positive partnerships between; carers and the 5Fostering support team children and their families children and their carers carers and children with the rest of the professi...
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There are many reasons people feel they might not be able to foster like I don't own my home or We are over 50 or even I work part time but none of these are reasons that would stop you from being able to be a foster carer.If you would like to know more and get it contact you could give us a call. W...
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Could you become a foster carer in East Sussex?We are looking for new or experienced foster carers across East Sussex. There is currently a huge shortage of foster carers in the UK. We need a further 9000 foster carers in the UK and 1100 just in the South East to meet the current demands.If you have...
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