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5Fostering went to Give a Dog a Home event at The Big Barn in Hailsham. The day was full of fun for both dogs and dog owners. Many of the dogs entered the show and won some great prizes.

Where were you when Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon?

Fifty years ago astronauts walked on the moon for the first time. Apollo 11’s success—just 66 years after the Wright brothers’ first flight—showcased humankind’s moxie and ingenuity.

Next Skills to Foster courseMonday 3rd, 4th and 5th February 2020 from 10am until 3pmThis is a course that all prospective foster carers have to complete before becoming foster carers. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please call us on 01424 211122.Eastbourne Face to Face 27th - 30th...
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5 Fostering have been having great fun over the summer with our foster carers and their children.We started the summer holiday off with a picnic in the park which ,although windy , allowed us to rekindle friendships.We then went to a youth show of Chitty! Chitty! Bang! Bang! held at th...
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