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Meet the team

Rob Edworthy - Agency Manager

I have worked with children since 1983; from crèche manager to teacher, head teacher, leader of ‘Every Child Matters’, LACs and Child Protection as a director of a local FE College. I achieved a B.Ed.(hons) and an MA in Social Work. I have also been a foster carer for 16yrs and worked with ‘troubled families’ in the Hastings and Eastbourne areas. I enjoy motorcycling and sailing I am the leader of the team at 5Fostering! I liaise with carers, local authorities and social workers in order to provide carers, children and young people with the best possible outcomes. Safeguarding officer - I’m the safeguarding and child protection lead. Health and Safety officer - I maintain the welfare of the 5team, staff and volunteers. Training support - I support the organisation and delivering of training.

Katie Edworthy - Responsible Individual

I started my career as an art teacher with a B.Ed. (hons), which then lead to becoming a foster carer in 1997 which I did until 2016. I have attended and delivered countless training courses relating to fostering, including; attachment theory, safer caring, resilience, physical intervention and the CWDC Foster Carer’s award. I enjoy painting and visiting art exhibitions. My roles include being the strategic financial director. I am the training leader, organising the training programme and deliver the training courses. I am also Consultant, the key person responsible for foster carer support and general consultancy.

Kim Harris - Business Manager

I have been teaching, for 36 years, in a variety of primary schools in: West Sussex; Norfolk; East Sussex; and Germany. Although I have taught children between the ages of 6 and 13 my favourite age is 10-11 as the children still have that awe and wonder mixed with independence. I enjoy arts and crafts particularly painting and drawing.

My role, in 5 Fostering, is working with the Business Support Group as a Business Manager. A few of my new roles include processing carer payments and managing finances, managing and auditing Charms to help keep us Ofsted ready, working with Katie to develop the recruitment materials and attending initial visits to prospective carers, helping to organise family events and running the Newsletter. I am the Voice of the Child.

Derek Hall - Senior Social Worker

I am a qualified Social Worker and registered with the HCPC. I have worked as a Social Worker on two continents covering over 30 years’ experience. I have covered all disciplines of social work from Adult Services (Psychiatric in the community) to children and families. I have managed residential units for teenagers under 8 years old and undertaken family and parenting assessments in preparation for court proceedings. I have also worked with UCAS. My passion lies with children and families, with a special concern for child safety and protection. I have worked as a supervising SW for over 10 years assisting foster carers to develop their fostering careers and supporting their placements.

Sarah Errington - Business Support Manager

I joined the 5Fostering team in 2016. My role has developed and I am currently the panel administrator. This involves all aspects of managing our foster carer panels: from booking meeting dates and ensuring that paperwork is updated and available for panel members, to taking the minutes at every panel meeting and dealing with all the post panel tasks. I enjoy my role as it brings me into contact with every member of the wider 5Fostering team. It is rewarding to see new carers get approved by the Agency Decision Maker and also to see our current carers receive positive feedback at their annual reviews.

Thanks to the support of 5Fostering’s management, I am also a ward councillor.

Sam Stevens - Administrator

At 5Fostering I process the child placement referrals. On average we receive around 70 referrals a day. I am looking for potential matches between the child and foster carer. Any possible matches are then passed to our Social Workers for their consideration. My role also includes the data input of referrals onto our system.

In my own time I like to walk my rescue dog Archie, and spend time with my family and friends.

Darcy the Office Dog

Just reporting that Mr Darcy has passed his probation with flying colours. He is now a fully fledged member of staff. He was a rescue dog from Pro Dogs Direct. He is very friendly and will enjoy showing off his tricks and making mischief. His main hobby is charging about Bexhill Beach making friends with other doggy chums and minding everybody else's business.

Dickens the Deputy Dog

Mr Darcy has an apprentice who he is teaching all his tricks. Dickens has shown a great talent for meeting carers and children, and he is very gentle. However, at times he is the naughtiest dog in Bexhill, but we are working on it.