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Fostering Myth-Busters

There are many reasons people feel they might not be able to foster like I don't own my home or We are over 50 or even I work part time but none of these are reasons that would stop you from being able to be a foster carer.

If you would like to know more and get it contact you could give us a call. We should be able to answer any fostering relating questions you have.01424 21122

Born outside the UK - Can we foster? - YES

Ever thought about fostering? Thought there may be something stopping you from applying?

As long as you are eligible to work in the UK and have a passion for helping children, you can foster.Wherever possible foster carers are sought who reflect and understand the child's heritage, ethnic origin, culture and language, and fostering agencies need carers from all types of backgrounds.

I work Part time - Can I foster? - YES

Do you want to foster but work part time? You can! As long you have the child's best interests at heart and you are able to be flexible and attentive to the child's needs you can foster and still work in your current job role.

We have never had children - Can we Foster? - YES

Have you ever thought about fostering or know someone who would like to? Not having had your own children wont stop you from fostering as long as you have had some experience whether that is within a working environment, babysitting/child-minding friends or families children or being a responsible Uncle, Auntie or friend to a young person.

I'm Single - Can I Foster? - YES

Have you ever thought about fostering? Are you single and want to foster?

Having a passion to look after children is essential; not whether you are single, married or co-habiting. You will need a strong support network of family/friends and we will be here to support you too.

We are a same sex couple - Can we Foster? - YES

Have you ever thought about fostering but unsure whether you are able to?

Whether you are in a same sex or heterosexual relationship, is not what is important; it is your attitude, skills, experience and willingness towards children and young people in your care and comfortable loving environment that you can offer.

We are over 50 - Can we Foster? - YES

Are you over 50 and thinking about fostering but unsure whether you are able to?

As long as you want to make a difference to a child or young persons’ life and you are healthy, have the time and energy to do so, then age can only mean experience.

We have pets - Can we Foster? - YES

Have you ever thought about fostering but unsure whether you are able to?

Having pets can be great for all the family including the foster children. Animals can play a great role in learning trust, loyalty and responsibility as well as helping with exercise for children and young people.
Have you met Jess our fostered office dog? Jess (on the meet the team page)

If you are still unsure whether of not you can foster you can always find out but contacting us. We will be able to let you know right away.

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We have pets, can we foster?
We are over 50, can we fosterwe rent our home, can we foster?not born in the UK, can we foster?LGBT, can we foster?We have pets, can we foster?I'm a single parent, can I foster?I work part time can I foster?We have never had our own children, can we foster?