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Thinking of Transferring?

Why Transfer to 5Fostering?

5Fostering are committed to working with you for the best opportunities for children and young people.

Having been foster carers we know the importance of having an agency that supports you.

5Fostering was started and is run by foster carers!

We have a Quality Assurance Committee who are made up of service users including foster carers, teachers, social workers, looked after children and many others to represent and put forward the views and feelings of the people they represent to the managers.

We offer 14 nights respite per year.

5Fostering are a child centred agency. We focus on making a difference rather than making a profit.

We are a local agency with local support, training and services.

We offer competitive benefits packages including extra allowances such as ‘welcome the child allowance’, ‘start of school allowance’ and a ‘Holiday allowance’

We provide 24-hour support from trained staff.

The Transfer Protocol

According to the Transfer of foster carers protocol (2014) “Foster Carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services”. Movement between agencies has become easier, if you feel like you are not getting a good service have a look around we are always here to help and offer guidance.

Myths about transferring?

There are many myths about transferring and some will tell you it is very difficult or even that the child or young person in place cannot move with you. This is a myth. “It must be ensured that children in placement are guarded against unplanned moves and/or moves which are not in their best interests.” (Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol England 2014) meaning if a child or young person is successfully placed with you then they should stay with you - no matter what!

If you have any other questions or queries contact us using the 'Apply now' form, we are happy to help.

There is no better gift to give a child than a family

Thinking of Transferring?