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Education in Foster Care

13.0% of Looked after children achieved A-C GCSE’s in English and Maths

Compared to 56.6% of non - looked after children achieved A-C GCSE in English and Maths

Unfortunately most children looked after have too much to deal with to enable them to approach their academic potential, and a very small number achieve their academic expectations. You can make a difference.

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What are we doing about it?

5Fostering are working hard to help looked after children achieve academically by supporting carers and those we care for:

  • We have individual unique plans for each child to help them enjoy achieving at their full potential and fully support their time at school and college.

  • We regularly meet with schools and colleges that looked after children are attending to tailor the support and access to learning and provide the best opportunities.

  • We help children and young people to make their own plans for their future regarding which courses to take, jobs to apply for and career paths to pursue.

  • We also support all foster carers to give the highest level of help and encouragement to children and young people.

  • We make sure children and young people in 5Fostering care have all the equipment they need to support their learning. We offer a generous grant to support new school starts and residential school trips.

What can you do?

Becoming a foster care is an incredibly rewarding opportunity. You are able to make a massive difference to a young person and help them to achieve their goals and watch them grow while gaining great benefits at the same time. Contact us and make the first step now.

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